• Welcome to Japara Living & Learning Centre
  • We offer a wide range of educational and social support services for the people of Kilsyth, Montrose and beyond; all with an aim to nurture and facilitate individual growth and social connections.  Some of Japara's services include occasional childcare, Learn Local government funded education, venue hire, community events and volunteering opportunities.  To learn more about us please take some time to browse through our website.   
  • Happy New Year 2019
  • Japara would like to welcome you all to what is a very exciting new year.  We have new courses on offer as well as a jam packed event calendar.  To view our Summer/Autumn Program and Activity Guide for 2019 please click here.
2019 The Year of Indigenous Languages
In 2016, the United Nations reported that 40 per cent (2,680) of the estimated 6,700 languages spoken around the world were in danger of disappearing. Most of these are Indigenous languages, affecting the way we live and placing our cultures and knowledge systems at risk. In Australia, of the estimated original 250 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages only around 120 are still spoken. Of these approximately 90 per cent are endangered. This year Japara will be hosting events supporting Indigenous Australians.