Japara offers a wide range of high quality and affordable educational, vocational and recreational programs and courses. We also proudly partner with many community groups and the Yarra Ranges Council to facilitate workshops and events that meet the interests and needs of our community. You can enrol in any of the courses on offer online, via mail or stop in to Japara and enrol in person. And don’t forget to visit our events calendar to get a listing of upcoming workshops and events in your area.  To view our Autumn Program and Activity Guide click here.  To view our autumn presentation video click here.


Japara is a member of Learn Local - a network of over 300 not-for-profit organisations across Victoria offering adult community education and training to people from all walks of life.  Every year over 100,000 Victorians choose to learn through government registered Lean Local community education organisations.  New skills can be life changing, offering job choices, further education and the chance to interact with others in your local community.  We focus on individual needs and tailoring programs for both learners and businesses.  The Learn Local sector is particularly suited to learners of all ages who wish to undertake programs that help them gain qualifications and employment and may have previously had limited access to education.

ACFE Government Funded Courses at Japara

Valuable Volunteering 19VALVOL24 
Day: Monday | Date: 29 April - 3 June, 2019 | Duration: 6 Weeks | Time: 11am-2pm | Cost: $75 Concession $50 Materials $25  DEFERRED TBA
This course is designed to help volunteers understand their roles and the benefits volunteering can have to your career and life.  Learn about volunteering opportunities in your area, or the sector that you are wishing to work in.  Volunteering can be such a valuable experience and the contribution you make can be life changing.

Building a Brighter Future for Women 19BFFW12 
Day: Wednesday | Date: 1 May - 19 June, 2019 | Duration: 8 Weeks | Time: 9:30am-12:30pm | Cost: $120 Concession $50 Materials $25 DEFERRED TBA
This course is aimed at women in the local community who are seeking employment, a home based business, volunteering opportunities or figuring out the next step. Through BBFW you will discover new skills, talents and pathways to employment as well as life. This course also has a focus on building your confidence and self-esteem, improving communication skills and providing you with the resources to get you back on track.

iPads and Digital Devices 19DIGIBUS 
Day: Thursday | Date: 16 May - 20 June, 2019 | Duration: 6 Weeks | Time: 9:30am-12pm | Cost: $75 Concession $50 Materials $25 DEFERRED TBA
Build and consolidate basic skills to enable you to utilise your digital devices for further studies or employment.  Discover the latest apps to support your business online and engage with your target audience.

Health and Well-being Classes at Japara  

Japara is committed to offering the community programs to help develop health and well being.  We understand that life can be stressful and making time for yourself isn't always on your list of priorities.  Our classes are suited to people of all abilities and our instructors are qualified, experienced and understand that not everyone is at the same level of fitness.  *Japara asks you to bring your own mat, towel and cushion/blanket to each yoga class.
Yoga for Everyone                                                                                              
Day: Tuesday | Date: 23 April - 25 June, 2019 | Duration: 10 Weeks | Time: 7pm-8pm | Cost: $150
This program is ideal for beginners and those who enjoy a gentle form of Yoga. Practicing Yoga has great benefits such as better sleep, weight loss, less body aches and pains plus flexibility. Finish off with a relaxing meditation.
Dru Yoga  
Day: Monday | Date: 6 May - 1 July 2019 | Duration: 9 Weeks | Time: 9:15am-10:30am | Cost: $120
This is a graceful form of Yoga based on soft flowing movements, directed breathing and visualization.It can help reduce physical tension in the body, increase positive thinking and transform your life in a way that ripples out to benefit all of those around you.

Day: Monday | Date: 29 April - 20 May, 2019 | Duration: 5 Weeks | Time: 9:30am-10:30am | Cost: $48 
Teena wants to share her love of dance with you and if you are part of her class she will not stop until she teaches you how to feel free with the music. Zumba is more like a dance party than a workout and there is absolutely no pressure in Teena's class.  

NEW Seniors Fitness Class
Day: Tuesday | Time: 10:15am-11am | Cost: $8 per session
In chair exercises to assist with strength, mobility and flexibility.  Improve your posture, coordination and balance with our qualified trainer who specialises in seniors fitness, so you are in safe hands.