Playgroups provide rich opportunities to learn and grow for both children and their parents or guardians.

For children age 0 to 6 years, play is the primary way to enhance their language and develop their physical, intellectual and social skills. Playgroups provide a space for children to develop these important skills while paving the way for the big transition to kindergarten and primary school.

For parents or guardians, playgroups are a great way to meet others. They also often provide a forum where lasting relationships are made.

Japara also celebrates the important role that grandparents play in helping raise our community’s children. If you are one of these very important people, we invite you to join our Grandparent’s Playgroup.

Come join us and see how special playgroups can be for children and adults alike. Playgroups meet at Japara’s Living & Learning Centre. Kitchen and toilet facilities are available along with a wide variety of play equipment.


Japara Living & Learning Centre

$50 per family per term

Grandparents Group

$40 per family per term

Membership to Playgroup Victoria
$40 per year per family or
$30 per year per family concession

Please contact Japara for session times and dates.