Building a Future for Women 18BFFWAR34

Commences August 13, 2018 (11 weeks with School Term Break) | 10am – 1pm | $50 per person


This course is aimed at women in the community who are seeking employment, a home-based business, volunteering opportunities or figuring out the next step. Taking ownership of your life and creating change for a brighter future can be daunting for many of us. Through “Building a Future for Women” you will discover new skills, talents and pathways to employment.But wait, there is more.You will also rebuild your confidence, learn what your strengths are and be empowered to create a rewarding future for yourself.


Topics include: Learn to manage your finances; Build your confidence; Discover untapped skills; Create a professional resume; Small business ideas; Relaxation techniques; Personal and professional development: Learn about your strengths